Don't leave adherence to chance

Smart Pill Dispenser

Pill Connect® is a simple to use packaging add-on to identify patient adherence during a trial or treatment

Fits to your bottle

Records every pill

Real-time data

Each pill is physically dispense via a button. The date and time each pill is ejected is recorded.

This data can be extracted automatically in real-time.

The Smart Dispenser attaches to your bottle, with no impact on the primary packaging supply process.

Clinician seeing data

We want every drug to succeed

Non-adherence is going to occur whether in a drug trial or treatment.

The problem is when non-adherence is mistaken for drug or treatment failures.

We want to remove this effect by monitoring and reporting actual adherence as it happens.

We do this by digitising dosing. Every pill is accounted for and quantified from our Smart Dispenser.

We've built it to work seamlessly with your product, fitting to your bottle, being reusable and reporting the data automatically so there's no extra burden on patients.

How does it work

Pill Connect Dispenser attaching

1. Participants attach a Pill Connect Smart Dispenser to their bottle.

Pill Connect Dispensing

2. To dispense, participants press the button to eject 1 pill. The bottle records the date and time.

Pill Connect Dispensing

3. Data from the dispenser is read via a mobile app throughout the day, sending this onto clinical platforms for real-time adherence monitoring

Pill Connect reuse

4. Dispensers can be removed and attached to new bottles at refills

Frequently Asked Questions

How is data collected from the product?


What pills does it work with?


What bottle thread can it attach to?


Does the dispenser use Child Resistant features?


What's the battery life?


What materials come into contact with the pills




Aardex Group

The collaboration between Aardex and Pill Connect represents a significant advancement in reporting and impacting medication adherence within clinical trials.

Pill Connect, an innovative smart pill dispenser, has been uniquely developed to seamlessly report medication adherence among trial participants in real-time. Leveraging the integration with MEMS AS®, the partnership offers clinical teams immediate access to real-time data on participant adherence rates.

This capability enables continuous monitoring of medication consumption patterns throughout the duration of the trial, facilitating a deeper understanding of evolving medication-taking habits.

For more information visit: Aardex Group


University of Groningen
Medicine Adherence Centre of Excellence

MAECON is an interdisciplinary team from the University of Groningen working to raise awareness of and promote adherence among professionals and patients.

The group runs adherence research with smart packaging and can provide consultancy services to MedTech and Pharma companies. The team are independent senior researchers and represent a wide range of sub-specialisms related to medication adherence.

We have conducted usability and pilot clinical trials with MAECON.

Our Team

James Burnstone

Dr James Burnstone


Robert Smith

Robert Smith

Technical Manager


Chris Hall

Previously of Aptar Pharma, Bespak and MWV


Dr Ian Smith MBE

Founder of Synexus and Panthera Biopartners


Dr Carl Barratt

Founder and CEO of Monica Healthcare a GE company


Richard Smith

Chartered accountant, previously worked at Astra Zeneca and Advanced Medical Systems