Don't leave adherence to chance

Do you know if participants are following the dosing regimen?

Pill Connect gives you this information throughout the study, from your bottle without inconveniencing participants.

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A Pill Connect dispenser held with 1 pill dispensed

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April 19, 2023

Addressing Adherence Challenges in Clinical Trials

Article published in PMPS co-authored with Bernard Vrijens and Job van Boven.

Clinician seeing data

We want to improve the power of every participant on a trial

Non-adherence is common in clinical trials, introducing variability into the data set that could lead to extra recruitment or study failure.

Pill Connect provides a new approach to mitigate non-adherence with minimal impact on recruitment, clinical supply or participant requirements.

A Smart Dispenser for Solid Oral Dose that attaches to standard bottles

Pill Connect Dispenser on bottle on its side
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Dispenses each individual pill at a click of a button

Simple to use dispensing that monitors and records each pill

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Real-time data collection without the participant needing to do anything

Adherence data is read automatically by a smart phone and integrates into remote patient monitoring systems

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Attached by the participant to their bottle

No impact on the supply and delivery of the bottle primary packaging component.

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Reusable to limit waste

Each dispenser is reusable by the participant for up to 18 months across refills or new bottles of the same drug.

How does it work

Pill Connect Dispenser attaching

1. Participants attach a Pill Connect Smart Dispenser to their bottle

Pill Connect Dispensing

2. Participants use the dispenser to access doses, pressing the button to get each pill

Pill Connect Dispensing

3. An App or hub will collect data from the Dispenser automatically throughout the day,
sending this onto clinical platforms for real-time adherence monitoring

Pill Connect reuse

4. The Dispenser can be removed and attached to new bottles at refills

How can this data help my trial?

With our state-of-the-art dispenser, you can easily track and record each pill dispense request made by participants and ensure that every single pill is accounted for.

The dispenser's data is seamlessly transmitted through an intuitive app to clinical monitoring platforms, enabling you to monitor adherence in real-time.

With this data, you can determine whether participants are dispensing at the right time, requesting the correct dosage, and following the regimen correctly.

Our innovative dispenser technology makes it simple to monitor adherence without burdening participants with additional actions, even when conducting remote studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What pills does it work with?


What bottle thread can it attach to?


Does the dispenser use Child Resistant features for opening?


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Who we work with


University of Groningen
Medicine Adherence Centre of Excellence

MAECON is an interdisciplinary team from the University of Groningen working to raise awareness of and promote adherence among professionals and patients.

The group runs adherence research with smart packaging and can provide consultancy services to MedTech and Pharma companies. The team are independent senior researchers and represent a wide range of sub-specialisms related to medication adherence.

We have conducted usability and pilot clinical trials with MAECON.

Our Team

James Burnstone

Dr James Burnstone


Robert Smith

Robert Smith

Technical Manager



Chris Hall

Previously of Aptar Pharma, Bespak and MWV


Dr Ian Smith MBE

Founder of Synexus and Panthera Biopartners


Dr Carl Barratt

Founder and CEO of Monica Healthcare a GE company


Richard Smith

Chartered accountant, previously worked at Astra Zeneca and Advanced Medical Systems


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